Six Feet Above

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Six Feet Above…

…invites us to contemplate the interplay of elements as well as our deepest desires and fears. It urges us to get to know the unknown, engage with it, and take brave leaps into the uncharted waters of our imagination.

Even as we hover between the realms of reality and illusion, we can still find beauty in the dance of dreams and the resilience of life.

“Anyone who only does what they already can, remains only what they already are.”

  • Henry Ford


Six feet above, 2023, Limited Edition

30 x 45 cm | Fine Art Print | Edition 50 + 3 AP
50 x 75 cm | Fine Art Print | Edition 25 + 3 AP
93 x 140 cm | Liquid Gloss | Edition 7 + 3 AP

Fine art prints can also be matted or framed on request

Delivery time:

  • Liquid-Gloss Alu-Dibond 40 working days
  • Fine Art Print 10 working days