Is time lost if it is not preserved in memory or in a work of art?
Is a place magical because it has been forgotten and abandoned?
How morbid can beauty be?

It is questions like these that drive the photo artist Daniel Ricardo González. His spirit of discovery is directly transferred to the image motifs, which awaken in us viewers a searching and finding, an astonishment and experience.

Daniel Ricardo González transforms himself from photographer to image author by generating new image motifs on the basis of real places, thus intensifying the mysterious magic of his “lost places”. When González is able to locate one of these – often secret – places, there is no stopping him.
The camera is only an assistant, because only when all the other senses are stimulated does the photographer enter a state of flow, a happy feeling
of being at one with himself and the place.

This experience is documented simply by pressing the shutter release of the camera. Only later, in his own photo lab, does he develop specific individual motifs that are intended to touch us not only visually, but physically. The Ravensburg photographer’s “Lost Place” motifs are fascinating projection surfaces for our own wishes, dreams and memories, also because we feel a transcendent connection through them.

© Daniel Ricardo González