A synergy of artistic signatures is the best possible result when two photographers inspire each other in a composite work. This unique ‘best case scenario’ came true with the photo collages by the artistic duo Michaela Kindle and Daniel Ricardo González.

The passionate photographer and globetrotter Daniel Ricardo González is in a constant search of capturing extraordinary locations. This could be an abandoned, oriental building, a legendary villa in Cuba or a masterpiece of the baroque era, like the dome in Berlin. His special photographs captivate the observer especially through their atmospheric load, which triggers a hidden desire within.
Meanwhile González is among the top panography specialists in Germany. This sophisticated photography technique enables a creative play on altered realities or rather photographic constructions
of unique sceneries.

Michaela Kindle puts her emphasis on photographic orchestration. During her years in Los Angeles and
London the fine art photographer discovered her passion for ‘composing’. Meanwhile residing in Germany, she counts numerous fans and collectors of her impressive art pieces,
on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. With her seemingly surreal themes she is shaping images that settle somewhere in between dreams and fairy tales. Kindle’s imaginary agenda withdraws from any boundaries, as the artist abducts us into a poetic wonderland, where childhood dreams are brought back to life. A realm in which even terms like time, space and reality reach the point of absurdity.

With “Fragments Of A Forgotten Symphony” the artist duo Kindle & González reveals the substance
of their collective treasure of images, tickling awake this unforeseen feeling of romance and nostalgia.

© Daniel Ricardo González